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There is a photographer for everyone!  because how you feel about your photographer will strongly affect how you feel about your photos - I think it’s important you know what to expect from start to finish before you book your session.  PlEase take a little time here to make sure we're a good fit for each other. 
You deserve an awesome experience!




I am a lifestyle + Documentary photographer.  I approach every session authentically with gentle direction as needed. With all sessions I capture the real life moments that matter -not some perfectly curated version that makes everyone involved feel stressed out & unauthentic to who you truly are. My approach to each session in its entirety (how I interact, shoot & edit) is A True reflection to each unique story.  It's very important I am able to get to know my clients & what their vision for their session is & what their photos will mean to them.  

Candid means knowing nothing needs to be overly posed or directed, and that capturing real moments is better than capturing perfectly curated ones.

we are a good fit if:

  • You want to ditch the traditional copy-paste photoshoot doing the same shit -full of poses, "say cheese" & fake smiles.


  • Y​​ou Want REAL, authentic, unposed photos that reflect exactly who you are - even  all the imperfectness.

  • The small things matter to you & you want photos of all the little details​.

  • your ready to let go of expectations & spend time together loving on each other & making more memories together.


I am most likely not the best option for you if:

  • you're looking for a small investment rather than a bigger investment of heirloom photos to pass on to your children & grandchildren. 

  • You want a gallery full of only posed photos.

  • appearance is your top priority over capturing authentic moments.

  • You tend to be highly critical of your appearance in photos &/or  want photoshopped images that alter your appearance.


your experience

I believe your experience matters above all else.  My goal is always to make your photoshoot memorable & have a dang good time!  This is a co-creation between us. I don't stage anything - with your help I will plan your session doing the things that matter most to you.   Whether your session is adventurous & fun or raw & vulnerable I want it to be un-rushed & relaxed. 

Life has given me a special perspective,  When I pick up my camera I'm not looking to take the most perfect photos.  instead my focus is on the connections & real moments, because they are the moments that matter.  throughout each session, I encourage authentic interaction.  I will guide you & give prompts + suggest activities  that reflect THE GENUINE NATURE OF your FAMILY & what you want to remember most about this season of your lives.  Nothing is forced - the last thing I want is for your session to be stressful for anyone.  Don't worry - I'll get the shot or two of everyone Looking, but that is not my primary goal.  This is real life & I document it as such because I want you to be able to remember your family exactly as you are now. 



Your photos preserve your memories. I want them to capture the heart of what it feels like to love and be loved. I know first hand the photos that will matter the most aren't the perfectly curated ones, but the unposed, real ones.  10-20-30 years from now what you will want (*and what your kids + Grandchildren will want) are photos that take you back to the moments that matter.  Authentically captured photos become a time capsule of memories.  I want y'all to hold your pictures in your hands & feel your precious memories.   

 I do not have one specific editing style, because everyone's story is different & no session is the same. The artistic choices I make are reflective to each unique story
 I do not stick to one specific style when editing so when you choose me as your photographer you are trusting my artistic choices.  I do not "photoshop"/ alter the way you look naturally.  I will edit anything temporary that would not normally be there (bruising, blemishes, or acne etc) - unless you'd like me to keep it in the photos. I highly encourage you to make yourself familiar with my work before booking your session.

the Process




Drop me a line to share a bit about your story and the vision you have for your photoshoot.  I'll be in touch within a couple days or less to chat & get to know each other a bit.  We will explore options for session packages to book the perfect session for you.  we will set a date & choose a location that will best tell your story. 


to finalize booking your session I'll email you a written agreement & invoice for a nonrefundable 50% retainer to reserve your date on my calendar. 


after booking, I will share my client guide and a questionnaire to help plan for your session. I want to make this as stress free as possible for you so feel to reach out to me if you have any questions!  We can totally text back & forth as you plan!


Shoot time - Let's make heartfelt memories of your family together! Throughout your session I will encourage authentic interaction - nothing is forced & the last thing I want is anyone to be stressed.   




"Check Your E-mail!"
In three weeks or less, your full gallery will be beautifully edited and ready for you to enjoy!  So, snuggle up with your family to relive every moment from your time together.



Quality prints can be ordered directly through your gallery by my favorite professional printing lab insuring the best possible printing quality.  You have invested so much into your photos - please don't use low quality printing companies.  K, Thanks!




albums and  prints



where should we take our photos?

Anywhere that is special to you!  I can shoot at your home or your favorite place or somewhere nostalgic.  We can head to a field or wooded area, play in a creek or at the lake, explore a downtown or shoot somewhere creative/artsy.  I am always down for an adventure!  If you don't have a specific location in mind, but know the type of location you want or even if you don't have any ideas for a location I can totally suggest some wonderful locations to explore. you're always welcome to visit our ranch for your session. A few things to Keep in mind when choosing your location:  Your location & wardrobe should vibe well together.  Take into consideration what you plan to do with your photos.  If you plan to print them - choose colors for your location (& Wardrobe) that compliment the area you plant to hang them. .  if you have small kids Let's pick a spot they can run around and be free to play without needing to redirect them a lot.  

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