A Mother sitting on a huge fallen tree holding her newborn daughter as her two little boys play on the broken branches

"The most beautiful things in life aren't things -
they are people and place, moments and memories.
They are the photographs that capture it all."


The heart of Tiffany Scott Photography is to organically capture candid moments that illustrate the true essence of motherhood,  families, and couples everyday lives through cherished photos that will be treasured for generations to come.  Throughout each session, I encourage authentic interaction in front of the camera as I focus on all the important details behind the camera.  It is important to me that our time together creates special memories of you with your loved ones together snuggling, playing and even dancing to your favorite music.  My goal is to capture the love your family embodies to create beautiful images that are woven together to tell your unique story.  I'm looking forward to our time together.



Hey there ---- I'm Tiffany.

A Jesus loving wife to a Texas Rancher, homeschooling mama to eleven & grandmama to four precious little ones.  I am wildly passionate about capturing my family's legacy through beautiful photographs.  I shoot first and foremost from a mother's heart, looking for the beauty in the raw wonder-filled moments.  My days are filled with adventure, exploring nature with my children, teaching them to look for the beauty in the mundane, and while trying to document the fleeting moments we spend together.  I have experienced the greatest joys of motherhood, as well as the unimaginable suffering of losing a child. l not only know how meaningful beautiful photos are, but I also understand the precious gift they are when that is all we have to remind us of those special memories they hold. 

A family of four standing in the wilderness surrounded by pinetrees praying together as the mother who is wearing a white t-shirt a long flowing orange floral skirt holds her shirtless baby boy while kissing his forehead.  The father, in a back shirt and denim pant, has his head gently resting on hers while laying his hand over his young daughter who is standing beside him in a long white sundress.
A gorgeous couple sitting on a boulder under a beatiful tree on a mountaintop.  The woman is wearing a sexy white dress and is wrapped in her lovers arms laughing together.
A pregnant mama standing in front of a beatiful orange floral sheet hanging on a clothesline.  She's wearing dark denim shorts with a white t-shirt rolled up over her belly while wraping her toddler daughter above her bare belly.
Three young sisters in flowing dresses walking on a mountaintop overlooking a beautiful landscape below.
A mother facing her beatiful little girl smiling up at her.

"Y'all, Tiffany Scott Photography is unreal! She rolls up, out of state, with three beautiful littles, her camera and a vision.  In the midst of gusting winds, her girls running free and swimming, she never missed a beat coming or behind the lense.  There is no way to pick favorites!"
-Sara F.

"I absolutely without a doubt love the patience she has with children and getting the perfect shot to capture their hearts and special moments.
I know my group of so many young children (eleven) is a challenge when it comes to photos, but she is amazing!"
-Gina W.

two little girls with long brown hair wearing marron sundresses standing in a field picking wildflowers.


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