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Have you ever held an old photo that took you right back to that very moment? 

As you hold it in your hand you can feel the joy of your babies wrapped in your arms.  You can almost smell that newborn or hear their first giggles.  


 Have you ever held an old photo and remembered those days the kids were all little?  As you hold it in your hands you can feel the excitement of those days at the park.

 You can almost smell those dirty feet or hear the sound of the kids laughing together.

Have you ever held an old photo in disbelief of how fast those years went by? 

As you hold it in your arms you can feel all that has changed?

 You can almost smell that family dinner or hear the sound of their car pulling in.   

These are the moments that matter.

These are the feelings I want your photos to give you.

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I'm a Jesus loving wife to a Texas Rancher, homeschooling mama to eleven kids & grandmom to four precious little ones.  I'm wildly passionate about capturing my family's legacy through beautiful photographs.  I shoot first and foremost from a mother's heart, looking for the beauty in the raw wonder-filled moments. I have experienced the greatest joys of motherhood, as well as the unimaginable suffering of losing a child. I not only know how meaningful beautiful photos are, but I also understand the precious gift they are when that is all we have to remind us of those special memories they hold. 

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"I absolutely without a doubt love the patience she has with children and getting the perfect shot to capture their hearts and special moments.
I know my group of so many young children (eleven) is a challenge when it comes to photos, but she is amazing!"
-Gina W.

"Y'all, Tiffany Scott Photography is unreal! She rolls up, out of state, with three beautiful littles, her camera and a vision.  In the midst of gusting winds, her girls running free and swimming, she never missed a beat coming or behind the lense.  There is no way to pick favorites!"
-Sara F.


Your story is the greatest legacy you will leave, please don't underestimate how important it is to invest into your memories.  When life moves and seasons change it is your photographs that will remind you of the memories you've made with those dearest to you.  Remembering is salve to the moments we think we may have lost, but it is also proof to the ones we showed up for.  As a lifestyle photographer, your story becomes a part of my story.  It is important to me that you receive the most out of your investment so I will work with you from start to finish when planning your session.  I have created well balanced portrait packages with varying options of session durations as well as the gallery size you will receive; however, I know each session I photograph is uniquely different so with that in mind if the options offered here aren't what you're looking for please reach out to me and I would be more than happy to customize a package to make a session perfect for you.   

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